These photographs are part of a documentary on night clubs created from

September 1992 to December 1993. The majority of these images were taken in or

around the Shampoo room of the Manhattan night club, Limelight during Disco 2000.

The clubs were the scene of rude debauchery and the blending sexuality fueled by

coke, ecstasy and alcohol. Disco 2000 was the realm of Michael Alig king of the New

York party scene and the Klub Kids. Decadence, glitter and impossible shoes were the

uniform. A night time world with absolutely no boundaries.

At least that's what they sold it as to the bridge and tunnel crowd.

But inside this world were a group of creative individuals trying to make it in the

hardest citiy in the world and who formed a crude family. But this family had strict rules

as to who was in or out and was eventually torn apart by tragedy fueled by drugs, ego,

unchecked sadistic impulses and the trappings of fame.